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The film captures some of the main historical events in the process of the Liberation Army into Saigon. Starting from the attack to liberate Buon Ma Thuot, the Republic of Vietnam must be a military institute of the United States, and seek to try to keep Hue and Da Nang, to the battle to occupy Dau Giay fork to capture Xuan Loc, opening the eastern door to enter Saigon, then the artillery crashes paralyzed Bien Hoa and Tan Son Nhat military airports, which the US forced President Nguyen Van Thieu to resign to create a new cabinet by Duong Van Minh headed, the event that US troops evacuated from Saigon by helicopter. Covering all these events is the Ministry's Operation Command Ho Chi Minh's plan: to enter Saigon with five shots, occupying the five most important positions, coordinating with the local rebel forces, going straight enter the last stronghold of the Republic of Vietnam, forcing President Duong Van Minh to surrender unconditionally and Saigon remains intact.
Phim Hoa Ngữ
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